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Chinaware Haute-couture

For 25 years, Marie Daâge has continued the traditions of her trade with savoir-faire about luxury that is uniquely French. One of the first modern designers to combine contrasting designs and colors within a table setting.

Marie’s fusion of pattern and color unify her signature style – a melding of stripes, floral or figurative scenes, urban shadows, historical or tribal patterns…

Made exclusively of Limoges Porcelain, the collections are some of the last to be painted entirely by hand in France. Painters are personally trained by Marie Daâge in a light and fluid style reminiscent of water color painting.

Marie believes that the image and style of French goods, goes hand in hand with where they are made.

This is why she is really involved in preserving traditional craftsmanship and approaches her art like Haute Couture.

Always aware of the trends, Marie’s design aesthetic is appealing to modernist or classical taste. With 65 collections available in more then 57 colors, there is matchless variety and choice. Beautifully made and never out of style the designs have sense of permanence and cachet that seduce private clientele, top designers and chefs.

Marie Daâge

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