Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury


Mylo Interiors

  • Features the customer’s needs and desires
  • Delivers a turnkey universe
  • Creates atmospheres which match their expectations
  • Provides and incense every detail.

We interpret customers’ dreams by helping them to express their personality, reveal their style, consider their choices, placing originality and uniqueness in the foreground.

Mylo aims to fulfill the customers’ lifestyle by accessorizing their project offering them the unique and the exceptional, with a dedication to perfection.

The project is designed along the first meeting with the client where listening and observing play a crucial role. This special time, help us to translate the client’s personality and define a virtual representation of the project. We identify their needs, expectations and tastes.

Mylo offers, in a second meeting, a visual presentation of the accessories and samples. We envisage styles to suit the customers taste and reveal the optimization of the project.

The customer is always the center of our attention and remains the guideline at every stage.

Once the ranges of accessories and styles are determined, Mylo takes care of all the logistics, planning and lay out of the project.

Mylo is a central contractor for purchasing the accessories of Interiors and living spaces and remains your sole contact throughout the project.

Yachts – New Build & Refit
Villas & Apartments & Chalets
Hotels & Boutique Hotels


The success of our projects is based on a turnkey service. Mylo reveals the finalization of the project in the absolute sense of detail.

Our florists offer to magnify the project when delivered. Our professional photographers are proposing a photo album.

Mylo offers complementary services essential to ensure a successful project:

  • A full documentation is provided upon completion of the project
  • We offer an information session explaining the accessories
  • We provide support to purchase and logistic the staff or crew’ uniforms.

Thanks to our 15 years of experience with a high-end clientele, Mylo offers training for crew or staff members:

  • Software training for the management of inventories and stocks
  • Silver Service
  • Interior Management
  • Floral Arrangements.

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