Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury



Fifteen years of experience in the Yachting industry participating to several international shipbuilding projects, Mylo brings to Shipyards, careful and optimized solutions that simplify an important part of the layout and development of the project, through the process of a new build. Our experienced team contributes to the success of the project by balancing perfectly the customers’ requirements with the practical needs of the crew, considering the technical and logistical

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The Art of Accessorizing is our specialty Mylo is involved in accessorizing the decorative work of International Architects and Designers, in order to maximize the customer’s satisfaction by providing a turnkey project. Mylo is dedicated to the accessorizing of living spaces. Our role is to harmonize and provide accessories to the interiors spaces that have been designed and decorated by Architects and Designers, we focus on the details to offer

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Mylo Interiors Features the customer’s needs and desires Delivers a turnkey universe Creates atmospheres which match their expectations Provides and incense every detail. We interpret customers’ dreams by helping them to express their personality, reveal their style, consider their choices, placing originality and uniqueness in the foreground. Mylo aims to fulfill the customers’ lifestyle by accessorizing their project offering them the unique and the exceptional, with a dedication to perfection. The

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