Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury

Who is Mylo ?

Artist and Project Manager, her career gives her the necessary sensitivity to creation.

Laure fed her inspiration, her passion for materials and colors, through the different places where she lived: from Miami to Dubaï, Paris to New Orleans, the Ivory Coast to the French Riviera, based in Switzerland since 2014, her travels have shown her various decors & influences.

She sailed 15 years on Oceans and Seas as a Chief Stewardess aboard unique Super Yachts.

Her well known work in the yachting industry and participation in various projects from international shipyards, have valued her talent and provided her with the skills to meet high standards’ clientele.

Supporting her client in their daily achievements and different projects, Laure was introduced to the mastery of craft and requirements related to logistics and comfort.

Her journey is a melting pot of inspiration, an open horizons to the world, where the craftsmen discovered through her experiences gave Mylo Interiors its identity.

At sea, Laure has defined her mantra:

«  Owning is a privilege, to stand out is a luxury»

She applies this principle in all places that she creates in a unique manner.

Laure offers her senses of creativity and innovation, which she executes with rigor.

By combining these two aspects she defies the codes of “luxury”: she puts fantasy in what is conventional, she finds a meaning in every accessories and gives a soul to every living space she creates.

She plays on the contrasts, mixing styles with harmony:

  • The nobility and elegance are revisited
  • the purity and charm affirmed
  • the innovative and unexpected delivered.

Her talent to create always surprising atmospheres, involves and talks to all our senses.

Arranging a space by optimizing its potentiality, prioritize the comfort and praise the art of detail, Laure applies her skills in every living space.


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