Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury


Dedication to perfection and boldness

Casual or sophisticated lifestyle, at sea or on land, natural, bohemian, ethnic chic, elegant, sophisticated, minimalist or collector, Mylo Interiors, for its customers, is dedicated to perfection and boldness. Mylo’s team has a passion for sourcing new trends, being visionary rather than followers.

Sublimate the soul of a place

The refinement in styling, the shades, the contrasts, the colors of life, Mylo interprets them in a turnkey decor. In our projects, the shapes, the materials, the colors or the lightings, sublimate the soul of a place. We transmit values and all aspects of craftsmanship into a modern design.

The aesthetic emotion

Driftwood, sanded, polished, waxed, lacquered, bleached, simple or precious combination of natural elements such as braided leather, etched glass, copper or brass, Mylo keeps on playing with natural textures, which improves the reflection of light, gives rise to the aesthetics emotion by the sensuality of the material.