Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury


Fifteen years of experience in the Yachting industry participating to several international shipbuilding projects,

Mylo brings to Shipyards, careful and optimized solutions

that simplify an important part of the layout and development of the project, through the process of a new build.

Our experienced team contributes to the success of the project by balancing perfectly the customers’ requirements with the practical needs of the crew, considering the technical and logistical constraints of the project.

Mylo is at the disposal of the shipyard and the client so that the exchanges are facilitated and simplified:

We translate all the customer wishes in a consistent language adapted to the technicality of the project. A technical and logistical understanding of the project, which allow us to help the client to accessorize his interior in a functional, decorative and custom-made manner.

Mylo Interiors add values to your projects

We sublimate your decorative projects by the attention we give to details:

  • We know the needs and the functionality necessary to a successful development
  • We organize the “ fitting-sea fastening” for an optimum use
  • We connect together, practicality, logistics and aesthetics.

Mylo is dedicated to the accessorizing of living spaces with an absolute attention to details

More than two or three choices by ranges of accessories on catalog, Mylo interprets the customers dream by delivering a custom made and personalized choice of accessorizing. We bring a unique customization of the project to the client and help the shipyard to differentiate each of their achievements.

Our network of suppliers-artisans, offers the customers, innovative and unique solutions covering all aspects of the interior accessorizing. Our expertise – savoir faire ensures the completion of a successful custom made project.

Mylo offers comprehensive care to the logistic linked to the accessorization of a project:

  • Estimation of the needs & evaluation of the quantities
  • Purchases & quality checks of the products
  • Orders tracking & storage management
  • Take care of the transport & delivery
  • Installation & implementation.

The success of our projects is based on a turnkey service developed by passionate professionals.


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