Mylo Interiors

The uniqueness is the Luxury


«  Fashion fades, only style remains»

This expression of Coco Chanel joins Mylo Interiors’ craftsmanship, inspired by the noble materials and whose creativity equals knowledge and savoir-faire.

The refinement & the elegance

The originality & the uniqueness

Mylo Interiors offers its customers the creativity which units its partnership with its suppliers, offering a wide selection of accessories and decors, to design with them customized living spaces, dressed in style and spirit.

Throughout its 15 years of experience in Yachting, Mylo has been surrounded by quality & exceptional craftsmanship who presents original & unique collections.

We are happy to introduce you to some of our craftsmanship.


ANIMANA Raw Materials

Our Raw Materials Ancient traditions and techniques. We work with the finest raw materials from Patagonia and the Andes obtained from animals such as the llama, alpaca, vicuna and guanaco, Patagonian merino wool, a native organic cotton variety which offers a wide range of natural colors, silk and alpaca metal. Our supply chain begins with the sustainable breeding of South American camelids, of which we endeavor to protect all species.

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MUUBS – The darker side of Design Once again, the Danish furniture and design company MUUBS launches a raw and industrial collection for the home. The unique and raw inspiration from the nature is developed into a personal and authentic design. The inspiration for the collection is found in Wabi Sabi, a Japanese philosophy about finding beauty in nature’s simplicity and imperfection created by skilled hands. Our design language is

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The Art for Cutlery

ROBBE & BERKING « If we reduced the craftsmanship qualities of our company to the limited possibilities of rational series production, the formal loss would be huge. Key skills are lost as quality is reduced. This is not our world ». Robbert Berking  » If my great great grandfather were to walk through the factory today, he would recognize a lot. We remain a manufacture on the truest sense of the world

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Ginger Brown

THE LUXURY OF CRAFTMANSHIP Created in 2001, Ginger Brown is a french family company based in Normandy, France. Designer & Manufacturer of exclusive furniture and decorative accessories, our collection is handcrafted with the rarest and finest materials such as shagreen, sea shell, parchment, cast bronze… Our expert team employes the oldest techniques to give a sophisticated aspect to the raw natural treasures. We also work closely with our clients to

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Glassware Design

Arnolfo di Cambio Design Creating crystal objects is a difficult art. It takes years of experience and each time the process is almost magical, the variables changing according to the moment and th skill of the craftsman. Melting, lifting and blowing, all give life to the object that is being formed. The uniqueness of each piece, rendered more functional and accessible. The purity of the form, the essence of the

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Art of lighting

Spot Lumiere Led offers a unique and original collection of Designers’ lighting products ranging from illuminated furniture and ornaments to various lamps and wall lighting. All our products are made in Europe and are perfectly suited for outdoor weather conditions with exceptional resistance to extreme temperatures. We select only the most prestigious craftsmanship and collaborate with exceptional Designers. Spot-lumiere-led  

Passion for glassware Arts

The Carlo Moretti Artisan factory was founded in Murano in 1958 by the brothers Carlo & Giovanno Moretti. There was nothing else quite like it on the glass-making island, because there was no special synergy between the entrepreneurs/makers if the creations ( which were produced in their furnace) and the master Murano glass-makers. Drawing on their family’s entrepreneurial background in the glass business, Carlo and Giovanni took charge of a

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Chinaware Haute-couture

For 25 years, Marie Daâge has continued the traditions of her trade with savoir-faire about luxury that is uniquely French. One of the first modern designers to combine contrasting designs and colors within a table setting. Marie’s fusion of pattern and color unify her signature style – a melding of stripes, floral or figurative scenes, urban shadows, historical or tribal patterns… Made exclusively of Limoges Porcelain, the collections are some

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Michel Haillard

The tellurism of Michel Haillard- Michel Haillard has a powerful artistic vocation he carries within himself; he makes clear proof of it with its dreamlike furniture and ornaments which transform certain elements of our daily life: dressers, chairs, tables , consoles, armchairs, into real abstract sculptures and at the same time useful . From his vision of Art everything becomes a sculpture or tends to become one. His furniture ,

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The Wild World fabrics

Since 1970, « Le Monde Sauvage », a family company from Paris, has been specialized in textile. Nowadays, Béatrice Laval, the Artistic Director fo the brand, displays within her four Parisian boutiques  » Le Monde Sauvage » her colorful universe inspired by travels combined with graphic and contemporary atmospheres. An achievement suited to what she represents, the incarnation of a generation that is open to a world mixing tradition/modernity and nomadism/cocooning. Le Monde Sauvage



BFA designs, manufactures and installs your customized game’s room. Pools, foosball, jukebox, chess & backgammon, hand & custom made. An exceptional craftsmanship at your disposal.


Leather sculptures created by Alfredo Mellini made on the French riviera